The Pressure to Produce Content Faster: Should We Use AI Generated Content and Paraphrasers?


This is a topic that I talked about before when using dictation to get content out faster for Google. I talked about using the microphone on your phone to write articles in Google Docs using your voice. I wrote about how we needed to write content faster and the pressure to get it ranked on Google. What is the point of writing articles if no one reads them? Much like an author who writes a book and no one reads it. The Google search engine is pretty much just a large collection of articles or pages rather, just waiting to be read. You just have to know how to get your article to show ahead of those of others. This is no easy task. I have written various articles on what I learned about SEO and how they might help you rise up in the ranks. This time though, I want to discuss online tools that are meant to generate content faster not using your voice, but by actual writing. These tools include AI and paraphrasing. I have some opinions on both of these kinds of tools and want to share my thoughts on them.

What is AI Content Generation?

AI or artificial intelligence is a way for basically a robot to write content for you given a topic. This sounds great on paper. You can just tell a robot that I want an article about this topic or that subject and the robot will write out some copy for you. Here is an AI content generation tool that shows up at the top of Google called Jasper AI. As with many online tools, this again costs money in order to use this service. Is it worth the cost? Will you actually get some content that you can use as-is in your article? Or do you just use it to get ideas and then rewrite it in your own words? There are a lot of things that come to my mind when I think about a robot doing the writing. 

Robots Have No Emotion to Tell a Story

The first thing that comes to my mind is that a robot does have the mind and heart to engage in any meaningful storytelling. The robot will just spit facts out and that is it. Some people like articles that are straight to the point and that might be where AI can flourish. However, one of the points that I bring up on this website when writing articles is that you should take your content and make it relatable to everyday life as much as possible. Remember, we are writing articles for people, not robots. Actually, the robots who read our articles are those that are trying to see how they would fit into the Google search engine. I make a good point here because robots just read your articles without any feelings or emotions. Robots just care about the content on the website as-is. They do not know how to detect any tone in your words and do not react to it in any way at all. Robots work hard and are great at what they do. They just do the work and say nothing in return, they are not human after all. However, we are human. We feel and express the full range of emotion.

Robots Will Just Generate the Same Copy to Everyone

Robots have already been programming to say more or less the same stuff about whatever topic to choose for it. I just feel that they are going to say the same things in more or less the same words and just hand it out to everyone. Then you have a lot of people using the same copy for their articles. This diminishes the uniqueness of content if everyone is getting the same stuff from the same robots. Of course, you have to add your own flair in order to make it stand out from everyone else. Just the fact that you are using the same base that someone else might have makes it seem like duplicate content and plagiarism would be pretty common if everyone used an AI content generator. In this case, you should really make sure that you read thoroughly and carefully what the AI is producing because you definitely cannot use it as-is. You are responsible for the accuracy of the content that you are going to publish, not the AI. So if there is something wrong or something that you do not understand that came from the AI, then you need to stop and do something about it. If you do not, then you might get called out for posting something that was wrong or makes no sense to you.

I understand that it is harder to generate content when it is on a subject that you have no expertise in. You might have been given a chance to write about something that is completely new for you. Of course you take this opportunity to learn something new. Taking on new challenges is how we grow as humans. Since this topic is new for you, you might be tempted to use an AI to help you along. Not a bad idea if you do some research and use common sense. The robot is there just to assist in your writing, not do it completely for you. So you still need to understand every single word the AI produces and ensure that you can learn as much as you can about the topic. So that eventually, you will be able to write about your new topic and showcase what you have learned. So that artificial intelligence some human intelligence.

Robots Cannot Relate Your Other Articles Together

This continues my thoughts on how AI could write a portion of your article but not the whole thing. As you write more articles and your blog grows, you start to link your articles together. The robot could never do this because the AI is not aware of all the masterpieces that you wrote on your blog. The AI only knows whatever topic it is currently writing about. The goal of your articles is to make it seem like a human wrote all of it, even if a robot assisted in some sections. This is why there is so much pressure to get content out there faster and faster. However, no matter how pressured and forced we feel to constantly publish articles, we still need to slow down. We need to check our traffic in Google Search Console and see what our most popular articles are. We still need to return to our other articles and update them. We still need to expand any navigational elements and add user interface improvements. I think that this might make a good article. I should write an article about the things that you should do to maintain your blog as it grows.

This Is About You Growing With Your Blog, Not the Robot

When you write your articles, you are not only writing for your audience but yourself also. This is your chance to reflect on all of the knowledge that you have gained over the years and see if you can showcase it in a way that people will want to consume. That article that I just linked to talks about how we both consume and produce information in a cycle. When the gears are spinning and the engine is running, you are growing with your blog. You are writing more articles, you are expressing yourself and you are sharing with the world. Hopefully, during this time you are imparting your wisdom to your audience and having fun in the process. However, a robot is not going on this same journey with you or your audience. The robot just spits content out and that is it. So do not rely too much on AI because your audience expects good content from you, not a robot that everyone else is using also.

What is Paraphrasing Content Generation?

So I just discussed using artificial intelligence in creating content for your blog. Now I would like to move onto paraphrasing, which is similar to AI but not quite. With AI, it can generate all of the content for you even if you do not understand a single word of this. Earlier, I mentioned never to publish anything that you do not understand because you are responsible for it. Again, this is your article, your blog not the robot’s. There are a couple of recommended paraphrasing tools if you want to check them out, Quill Bot and Wordtune. These are interesting tools to use, you can check the writing style to be more formal or informal. This will adjust the tool to use more commonly used words or reword everything using bigger words. Unlike the AI tools, which have a lot of strings attached to them, the paraphrasers might have something to them. I think what I like about paraphrasing is that you get to see how they reword your sentences. How they move clauses around and readjust the grammar. The meaning stays the same but it is just said in a different way. I noticed that these tools are pretty good as substituting synonyms and you get something that might even sound better than what you had originally.

Paraphrasing Might Be Useful for Repurposing Content

Paraphrasing looks like it could be good for repurposing content. What this means is that you have to write about a topic. Now you want to reuse that article again but in a different format. So you might use it in a newsletter to promote your article. You might also create a video about where you present the same content in another light. You could also create an infographic image that illustrates or highlights the most important parts of your article. This way, you can create a few “take-aways”, which are small pieces of your article that your audience will remember once they have finished reading your article. Paraphrasing might actually work out here because you are presenting the same content in another format with different words. As long as your content has the same meaning that you intend to keep across different formats, then paraphrasing might work for you.

What is the Difference Between AI Generated Content and Paraphrasing?

I would say that the main difference between the two is that AI generates content based on a topic. Paraphrasing just re-words content. So that is why I said that AI has a lot of strings attached to it and requires thorough vetting before it can be used. Paraphrasing just swaps synonyms out, moves sentence structure around but most importantly of all, comes from you. You wrote that content and it is just getting paraphrased so that it can be used somewhere else. This is why paraphrasing is good for repurposing content. This is especially good if you want to split long articles in small pieces and just share pieces of your article over a period of time. I am sure that you have a lot of hidden gems that are easier to consume in smaller pieces than in just one large article. 

Long Versus Short Articles: Make Your Articles as Detailed and Thorough as Possible

This is why I prefer to write long articles at first just so that I have more to work with later if I decide to repurpose or want to link to another related article. So it is much better to have longer in-depth quality articles than several short ones that merely touch up and gloss over topics. Longer detailed articles help your SEO because Google has more content to go through and determine if you have parts of your article that can answer questions that people are looking for on their search engine. If your content is truly unique and all comes from you, you will have something better to offer people if you are very thorough and lengthy. This makes it easier to maintain your blog articles if they are longer than having several short ones that you regularly have to either update or link to your newer articles. So you should really put in the time and effort to express your thoughts fully on a single topic before moving onto your next article. This makes your website look more like a book or magazine because you have so much content to share. If your articles are too short, then people will have to spend time searching your website to look for something more to read. We definitely want to limit the amount of user interaction because it leads to higher bounce rates, meaning people are more likely to leave your website.

You can make “short articles” once your long articles gain traction. Once you have the traffic you can go through your best performing long articles and take the best parts on to create new articles. These shorter articles will highlight certain parts of your longer articles. This is what I mean when I said that you can take your hidden gems and create new content from it. This is how people repurpose their long content to create new shorter take-away content. So long content is not necessarily better than short content. It is just that if you start with long content, then you have more to work with if you need to reuse it later. For example, you have a long article about a certain topic. Then later, you can take the best three to five parts of that article and create a short article called “The Best Parts About This Subject”. So your short article will highlight and deliver the best parts of your long article. Then you can take your shorter highlight article and link to your longer article if your users want more detail. This is really beneficial to your website because you have ways to deliver content in smaller bite-sized pieces that users can easily consume. This helps with your user experience because users can get straight to the point faster. Then you always have your in-depth articles that list details and let your user read if they are craving more. So we are not really duplicating content, but rather make it easier to digest.

What Does Article Length Have to Do With AI Generated Content?

The tie-in into AI is that if you have a very long article that an AI produced, then you have to make sure that it does not contain too much fluff or general information that is either common knowledge or can be found elsewhere. If there is nothing in your AI generated content that is unique to you, then you might as well publish a short article. I see no value in a long article that a robot wrote if it is nothing interesting or special. Again, those AI content generators produce content based on a single topic. If you really wanted to use these robots, you would need them to produce content on various topics and then tie them all in somehow. I mentioned this earlier but felt the need to bring it up again because if you have a particular point that you want to show your audience, only you best can do that. The robots will not know how to bring your topics together because they do not know what you are thinking when you write your article. So there is some leverage that has to be learned. Then again, I still believe that the best content is one that you produce yourself and not from a robot. So lots of AI content with little human ingenuity or thought might be something that you should address.

Should We Still Write Everything By Hand?

This leads me to my next section. If I think that AI generated content has issues with it, the only alternative is to just do it all yourself right? Pretty much, I mean it is either the robot or you that writes the article. Since each of us as humans have all lived a different and unique life, I feel that every single one of us can tell a different story that no one else has. We all know that a robot did not live your life, so the robot is just taking content from somewhere and spitting it out back to you. This is why I think that we still need to do things the old way. I think that is why even though we have become so technologically advanced over the years, nothing still beats doing things the way that they have always been done. I know that we are pressured to produce content faster and faster. However, the content has to be good and inspire others to learn from you and you learn from them. Google Search Console is great for me to understand what articles users are reading and what topics are the most interesting to them.


I think that this article is something that makes me realize that we not only need to write our stuff out faster but competition with AI robots. Robots know a lot because of the wealth of information that they can access. While this is true, robots still lack the one thing that I have already mentioned earlier. That one thing is being human. I already said about how robots do not have emotions and heart. I think that this one part of being human compared with being a robot is what will always set them apart from them. There is nothing that robots can ever do to make them think and feel like we do. Just think about the TV shows and movies that you watch. These are just the same types of content that we produce with our articles. Content is content no matter the medium. Just imagine reading an article or watching something that just does not have that human touch to do it. The content would be very mechanical, very black and white, just very robotic. Writing this article was mainly supposed to be about AI generated content and paraphrasing but it also contains some robot versus humans stuff too. This is why I enjoy writing these articles because I cover the main topic, which is technical in nature. Then I take that main topic and write about other related topics where I try to relate to a more general audience. So this is why I recommend doing it as a way to generate ever-green content. Ever-green content is great because it lasts forever and it also gives you a chance to take technical topics and relate them to everyday real-life situations.

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