What is Better for SEO: Updating or Writing New Blog Articles?

Introduction After writing about 20 articles on this website, I finally had enough content to start updating articles instead of always writing new ones. So many of us want to produce new content through the creation of brand new articles. Sometimes we often overlook the need to tend to our existing ones. Everyday, life changes, … Read more

Is CloudFlare the Best Free CDN?

Introduction I recently got into CloudFlare as my preferred CDN (content delivery network) as a way to speed up my website and make it load faster. At the time, I was looking for a good CDN that was pretty decent with a free option. Many current CDNs cost money so I wanted to spend some … Read more

Why I Like jQuery So Much

Introduction I talked about how much I love jQuery in my 20 year programming background. I wrote a short section on why I like JavaScript so much compared to my other languages. I want to delve a bit more and write a full-fledged article on JS. When I first started learning JavaScript, jQuery was not … Read more

Is GeneratePress the Best WordPress Theme?

Introduction After spending a lot of time dealing with Core Web Vitals and Google Search Console, I came to a realization. WordPress themes are great because they come with a lot of the functionality already provided for you. All that you really need to do is some customization here and there to make it yours. … Read more