Why Is Online Documentation Still Lacking?

Introduction As a web developer, I rely heavily on documentation when implementing new solutions. When those solutions are very technical like APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), then I really need something that will help me learn how to use the API properly. For some reason, a lot of online documentation is still lacking and incomplete. Sometimes, … Read more

Are Google Fonts Really Necessary For a Simple Blog?

Introduction Having nice fancy fonts can definitely make your website look better. However, you need to be careful when using Google Fonts because they can add a lot of weight to your pages if not implemented properly. I will talk about proper Google Font implementation and if you even need them for a simple font. … Read more

Infinite Scrolling Content: My Thoughts and Opinions

Introduction I am sure that you have seen infinite scrolling on some of the most popular websites on the Internet. Some of those websites include YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest. With the explosive growth of content over recent years, we have a lot more content to share than ever. With all of this content to show, there … Read more

Using Tabs and Accordions: Some Things To Consider

Introduction Being able to fit as much content in a confined space is very hard. When you have to highlight your most important content above the fold, you have to choose what is best to get your users to convert.There are many ways to fit a lot of content in a little space. Content carousels … Read more

Designing Pop-Ups for a Better User Experience

Introduction From the name of the title of this article, you can already sense some bias in my opinion on this topic. I always liked thinking about pop-ups because they can be great when done right. These are very hard to implement on a website because they can be very grating and jarring to unsuspecting … Read more