What is the Relationship Between Impressions and Clicks?

Introduction I talked a little bit about impressions, clicks and click through rate in my articles about Google Search Console. I want to delve into those topics deeper in this article and cover a different concept. This concept is the idea that you cannot solely rely on a single metric to measure the overall traffic … Read more

Keyword Cannibalization: What Is It and What Should I Do?

Introduction When we write our articles, we try to write about different topics without repeating or duplicating them. Just like chapters in a book, each chapter is about a different subject and often these chapters get tied together as you read the story. The point is, repeating yourself over and over not only wastes your … Read more

Does All Traffic Have to Come from SEO and Google?

Introduction We all know that the success of a website is based on the traffic that it gets. Even if you have the best website with the best content, your website is “nothing” without traffic. Technically, we all define how a successful website is. If you are creating something for fun and do not care … Read more

Implementing JavaScript Content Carousels for SEO

Introduction I previously wrote about how to design and implementation considerations on pop-ups for your web pages. There are some more similar types of widgets or plugins, if you will, whatever you want to call them that I would like to discuss more in detail. I have another article on ranking JavaScript applications on Google … Read more

Google Analytics: Traffic That Lands On Your Website

Introduction Since I wrote about Google Search Console, I would of course have to write about Google Analytics also. They do go hand-in-hand after all. They both serve to show you data about the traffic on your website. You definitely need both of them and it makes no sense not to use them together. In … Read more