What Happens If the Internet Disappears?

Introduction The Internet has changed our lives and I have written many articles about it. My articles on this blog discuss all different kinds of topics on how the web has changed our lives including how much time we spend online, running our entire lives online, and if it has made our lives better or … Read more

Are We Spending Too Much Time Online?

Introduction I have written a couple of pretty technical articles lately and I want to get back to something a bit less, techy I suppose. I wanted to talk about something this time that has a lot to do with where we spend most of our time, the web. I am trying to wonder if … Read more

How I Learned Everything that I Know Starting in the Back-End

How It All Started: The Back-End I started my journey as a programmer in the back-end. While in school, I took several programming classes in C++ and Java. I learned algorithms and data structures (arrays, linked lists, stack, queues, objects, etc.) in my classes. Typical stuff that you expect from a computer science major. Growing … Read more

Is it Worth Trading Your Privacy for Security?

What is Security? Security is any protocol or measure that is used to protect our information online. This is one of the scarier aspects of the Internet. We have all of our information in the cloud where we can access at any time. This was such a great idea when the web first came out. … Read more

How Data is Transformed into Information and Knowledge

Introduction I would like to talk about how people make decisions in their lives. Decisions are made because people have enough information to where they can make a sound decision. When people make decisions, they are able to take action and do something. How do people get the information in order to make good decisions? … Read more

Life Before the Web: Better or Worse?

Introduction I would like to share my experience with what life was like before and after the Internet happened. I consider myself fortunate because I was able to live during the time where I could experience both. I would have to say that the transition going from one time period to another was very transformative … Read more