Why Are We So Fixated On Traffic?

Introduction If there is one factor that people use to determine the success of their blog, it is traffic. Without traffic, people seem to think that their blog is a failure if they do not achieve a certain amount of traffic within a certain time frame. One mistake that people make is that they compare … Read more

How Many Articles Does Your Blog Really Need?

Introduction Blogging can be a tough business to break into because not all of us are natural writers. Being a programmer myself, I spend most of my time writing code for robots. This is not exactly the same as writing articles or documents for humans. Even then, my experience with writing is on the technical … Read more

Why You Should Blog About Your Profession

Introduction Thinking about getting into blogging but need to come up with an idea? There are a lot of things that you can blog about. You can choose from your hobbies, or you can also choose your profession. Whatever your topic is, it should be something that you can write for hours and hours on … Read more

What is the Relationship Between Impressions and Clicks?

Introduction I talked a little bit about impressions, clicks and click through rate in my articles about Google Search Console. I want to delve into those topics deeper in this article and cover a different concept. This concept is the idea that you cannot solely rely on a single metric to measure the overall traffic … Read more

Should You Blog to Make Money or Just for Fun?

Introduction I started this blog up again after letting it sit for a while. This time, I actually want to stick with it and write for fun about my profession for the time being. Getting traffic is taking a while now so monetization is not happening anytime soon. So this is actually what I want … Read more

How to Create a Local Version of Your WordPress Website Using MAMP and the WordPress Plugin UpDraft

Introduction Having a local copy of your WordPress website is great when you want to develop new features without touching your live version. This is especially important when you do updates that are very complex and involve the modification of several files. For simple quick changes, you can probably stick with live until your website … Read more

Keyword Cannibalization: What Is It and What Should I Do?

Introduction When we write our articles, we try to write about different topics without repeating or duplicating them. Just like chapters in a book, each chapter is about a different subject and often these chapters get tied together as you read the story. The point is, repeating yourself over and over not only wastes your … Read more