An In-Depth Look at Evergreen Content

Introduction When it comes to blogging, we want to write something that is of value for our readers. I hope that our goal is to show and teach something that our readers can remember and take away with them. Bonus points if your readers actually use what you showed them. This is not easy because … Read more

Should I Pay or Use WordPress for Free?

Introduction This topic is a common one that new people to WordPress like to ask. When people hear about WordPress, they do not know if they should use the free version or paid. The free version can be found at The paid version can be found at Just to preface, .org offers the … Read more

How Do I Choose the Best WordPress Theme?

Introduction: Finding the Right Theme for You So You Do Have to Switch It Later When you embark on your new blogging journey in WordPress, there is a lot to do. One of the most important decisions that you will make on your brand new blog is determining what WordPress theme to use. Since this … Read more

Infinite Scrolling Content: My Thoughts and Opinions

Introduction I am sure that you have seen infinite scrolling on some of the most popular websites on the Internet. Some of those websites include YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest. With the explosive growth of content over recent years, we have a lot more content to share than ever. With all of this content to show, there … Read more

Using Tabs and Accordions: Some Things To Consider

Introduction Being able to fit as much content in a confined space is very hard. When you have to highlight your most important content above the fold, you have to choose what is best to get your users to convert.There are many ways to fit a lot of content in a little space. Content carousels … Read more