Posting On My Own Website Versus Someone Else’s: What is Better?


In this article, I talk about the difference between posting your articles on your own website compared with on someone else’s. This sounds like a seemingly simple topic but it can be very complex with all of the little nuances involved. Also, if you decide to venture outside your website, you will have to start building relationships with others. This means learning how to work together with someone and hopefully reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Also, your reputation will be on the line so keep these things in mind while you figure out if it is time to guest blog for someone.

Why Should I Post on Someone Else’s Website: Guest Blogging

I want to talk about posting articles on someone else’s blog first. The reason why is because I think that this is more interesting than just posting on your own website. Anything that involves another person is always complicated because there will be some negotiating back and forth in order for both sides to agree on something. Just the social aspect of guest blogging can be a good experience for those who want exposure on someone else’s website.

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is where you write an article as just a guest for another website. At the beginning, you might just contribute one article and that might be it. If you are in search of backlinks, you might be invited back to write more if your article gets traffic and there is a lot of value in your content. Then you might become a regular contributor. Know that writing for someone else means not writing for your own website unless you are willing to dedicate more time to blogging.

Know the Terms and Conditions of Posting Outside Your Website

If you are just posting on someone’s website and you are not receiving an article in return, then you need to know what the conditions are for posting an article over there. Some conditions might include what page your article will show on. Will your article be on a page that currently receives a lot of traffic? Or, is it a page that hardly anyone visits? You need to know this so that you can set realistic expectations on how much traffic you will receive. The more prominently placed your article is, the more exposure you will gain. This means that there might be some monetary cost involved. So be sure to iron out these details before you agree to write for someone.

Another consideration you should think about is not only what page your article will be on, for how long. If your article will eventually be pushed further and further back due to new content, then that is something that you should be aware of. Remember, when you write an article for someone, you expect to see your article in the location that was agreed upon. You might only be in that spot for a short period of time if more content will push it down. If new content pushes it down eventually, then you at least still benefit from having backlink, even if it is no longer prominent.

Potential Backlinks Could Be No Follow

Speaking of backlinks, make sure that you know if you are receiving a no follow or do follow link. I would think that writing an article for someone will generate a do follow link. The only way that I would think a link would be no follow is if it is for content that you did not write. For example, someone wrote about your article on their website. If someone wrote the content and not you, then that is reasonable that it could be a no follow link. Since you did not write the content, you cannot expect to receive a do follow link.

Writing Outside Your Niche: Demonstrate Your Vast Knowledge on a Variety of Subjects

I mentioned before that you usually want to guest post for someone in the case where your website and someone’s are about the same topic. This just makes sense because you both are writing about something common. You do not always have to stay stuck in your niche. You should consider writing outside your niche for someone because it shows that you are knowledgeable in more than one topic. This makes you a more interesting person and will impress people when you know more than your niche. Yes, the niche is on your website. If you get invited to explore outside your niche, you might learn something that you can take back home to your website.

People are becoming more creative and combining different topics together and seeing what they can come up with. Besides, we have seen the same tired topics over and over again. You have to bring something unique and different to the table to get people to read your stuff. So in this case, maybe guest blogging is a good idea. You get some exposure and a chance to write outside your field for a change.

Why Should I Keep Posting On My Own Website?

You can keep posting your articles on your website, that is perfectly fine. Coordinating a guest blog article can take some time and you need to work with someone. All details need to be figured out beforehand and the quality of the article will be scrutinized before it is posted. Besides, your article is going on someone’s website. They need to make sure that the article is at least on par with the rest of their content. Here are some things to think about why your next article should just be on your own website.

You Have Full Control Over Content In Your Possession

This one is obvious but I have to mention it because having full control is important. This means that you can write whatever you want and publish it whenever you feel like. You need not follow anyone’s schedule with due dates and pressure. Perhaps, your website is just casual and you write when you feel like. You do not want anyone pushing you to write more or faster and are happy with what you are producing. That is perfectly fine because we all blog for different reasons. If your website is just a personal hobby that gets attention when you have the time for it, then guest blogging might be for you just yet. You might just wait until someone sees your blog and invites you to guest blog for them.

If you get invited to blog, since someone came to you, you might have more say over the terms of producing an article for someone. This is great compared if you came to someone because you will be able to set what you want to write and when it needs to be done easier. So just relax and write, enjoy the journey whether you go at it alone or with other people. You decide where your website goes.

No Backlinks: Internally Links to Your Articles Instead

Since your articles are going on your own website, you will not receive any backlinks. No problem, you can just link to your other articles and help the search engines find and relate your articles. Even though external links to your website are generally worth more than internal, still do not waste an opportunity to link articles together. Internal links are good for your readers also because they can find related articles easier and learn more about your topic. This prevents users from having to scroll around your page looking for more articles to read once they are done with your current one. Internal linking provides a positive user experience and that is beneficial for SEO.

What Is Better?

In this next section, I talk about when it is better to post articles on your own website versus someone else’s. One is not better than the other. Rather, they each have their benefits and sometimes the content calls for one over the other. Everyone’s website is different and you will decide yourself what you want do with it.

For New Websites: Focus On Your Own Website First

Brand new websites that are just getting started should stick to posting on their website first. You need to build your online presence before you look for other websites to post articles on. This makes sense and is why I mentioned earlier that you need a good website to show people. Once people see how good your website is, then you can post for them. How long does this take? As long as it needs to. You really should not compare your website to someone else’s. You cannot expect to be at the same place as quickly as someone else. This will set you up for disappointment. Again, all that matters is that you are enjoying the journey that you are taking your readers on. Just focus on that for now.

For Developed Websites: Try Guest Blogging and See How It Works For You

I believe that you should only start guest blogging when your own website is mature and developed. If you have an established website, you will have something impressive to show people. Your website is just like a portfolio of your projects that you have done. You can use your website to show people what you have talked about and why it would be a good match for someone else’s website. If the two websites are related in the same niche, then people can come together and write for each other. Think of this as a mutually beneficial link exchange. Since both sides want to gain the full benefits of a link exchange for SEO, you should link to each as do follow links.

Once you start getting noticed and making a name for yourself, then you can try guest blogging. This way, if guest blogging does not work for you, then you still have your website. If you spend a lot of time guest blogging and not paying attention to your website, then it can start to lag and decay. We try to balance all of our responsibilities in life. If you start adding guest blogging to your list, that means that you must split your time between your website and someone else’s. This is why having an established website gives you some time to explore other pursuits until you need to tend to it again.

Also, it seems weird that you would focus so much on other websites before your own is established. A central concept of this blog is having someone of our own and not having to split or share it with others. I mean, other people have their website but our own is something else. It is our’s and our’s alone. So make sure that you spend your time wisely writing for other websites and not forget your own. The last thing that you need to do is spend so much time on someone else’s website that you do not have time for your own.


When it comes to writing for another website, we have so many things to consider. Should we write for a website inside or outside our niche? Writing inside your niche will bolster your SEO more because it is related to your website. However, writing outside your niche can give you new opportunities to explore brand new topics and bring something back home to your website. Take this as a possible learning experience that can benefit both you and your website.

If you decide to guest blog, be clear on the conditions if you will receive a no follow or do follow link. Also, know where your article will show up on the other website and for how long. Being clear is important so that both sides know what to expect.

If you are not ready to guest blog, then stick to your own. You do not have to negotiate any terms with yourself because you control everything. Without any backlinks from posting on your own website, try to see if you can link to your other articles so that search engines can not only find your other articles but relate them together.

If your website is new, then stick with posting your articles on your own website. Build yourself up and gain authority online first before you guest post. Then when you feel like you have established an audience, you will gain authority and be ready for guest posting.

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