An In-Depth Look at Evergreen Content

Introduction When it comes to blogging, we want to write something that is of value for our readers. I hope that our goal is to show and teach something that our readers can remember and take away with them. Bonus points if your readers actually use what you showed them. This is not easy because … Read more

Why Blogging and Writing is Good For Web Developers

Introduction As a web developer, I feel like most of us spend most of our time coding and writing more for robots than people. That requires a specific skill and talent because robots and people are different. Robots only respond and execute instructions if they are written exactly. People however, are able to understand something … Read more

The Fold: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

Introduction The fold is a very important concept when it comes to web page design and SEO. I have mentioned the fold before in my other articles when talking about largest content paint in Pagespeed Insights and also when showing you how to make your website faster. I want to go deeper specifically on the … Read more

How To Repurpose Your Content To Write New Articles

Introduction Sometimes when you are writing, you think about using some content that you have already created. This is understandable because you more often than not have content that is useful and relevant across many of your articles. Also, some important ideas and concepts that you express in your articles are ones that you want … Read more